[TRLog] QTCs

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc@dialup.mplik.ru
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:07:14 +0600

I appreciate the fact that WAE is probably one of the most difficult
contests for a logging software to deal with. Anyway here is another
I do not remember this being a problem in the past but it sure started since
last year. There is sort of limit for the number of accumulated QTC. Every
time we approach to 600 the program demands that you should send some QTC
because 600 is a limit.
Why is that. I usually send QTC to compensate for a low rate during second
day and never send them first day when rate is relatively high. Since I do
over 600 first day that creates a problem and I am forced to send QTC
against my strategy. Can something be done about it. I can probably get away
with 1500 or 1200 but not less then that.
Another request:
In MS when 2 or more computers are linked qtc list and qtc.dat are not
updated via the network. Therefore we only can send QTC from one particular
computer. This is inconvenient but can be put up with anyway. Another thing
is that sometimes computers go out of sinc as far as serial number is
concerned. Usually that happens when one of the operators deletes last QSO
with Alt-Y and does it only on one comp. More seldom - when two operators
press ENTER and log their contacts simultaneously.
In that case we stop everything and synchronize logs with the help of
Why can't we have  some command that when issued from one computer updates
all the other computer via network by sending the log.dat file from this
particular computer to all the others. It also probably needs to update
In general - if there is a network in place why are we not able to use it
for reading and writing files?

Igor, UA9CDC

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