[TRLog] QTCs

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
13 Sep 1999 19:06:33 -0000

> I appreciate the fact that WAE is probably one of the most difficult
> contests for a logging software to deal with. Anyway here is another
> request.
> I do not remember this being a problem in the past but it sure started since
> last year. There is sort of limit for the number of accumulated QTC. Every
> time we approach to 600 the program demands that you should send some QTC
> because 600 is a limit.

This was fixed in a recent release.

> In MS when 2 or more computers are linked qtc list and qtc.dat are not
> updated via the network. Therefore we only can send QTC from one particular
> computer. This is inconvenient but can be put up with anyway. Another thing
> is that sometimes computers go out of sinc as far as serial number is
> concerned. Usually that happens when one of the operators deletes last QSO
> with Alt-Y and does it only on one comp. More seldom - when two operators
> press ENTER and log their contacts simultaneously.

The WAE implementation never considered multi operator.

> Why can't we have  some command that when issued from one computer updates
> all the other computer via network by sending the log.dat file from this
> particular computer to all the others. It also probably needs to update
> restart.bin

Possible.  I will look into it.


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