[TRLog] VHF Contest operation problem

Bob Nash ve3kz@netcom.ca
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:22:56 -0400

Hi Folks

W6NKR wrote:

>My new ICOM IC746 xcvr worked great with V6.42 in WAE but when I tried
>to set things up for the VHF contest last weekend using V6.43 I ran into
>a snag.  6 meters worked ok but when I tried to QSY to 2 meters the
>frequency readout would drop the initial 1 and the BAND MODE screen
>would drop all bands except the All column and could not log 144 mHz
>contacts.  Disconecting the interface control line would permit manual
>entry.  Any ideas?  Is it being caused due to exceeding the number of
>numerals permitted in the frequency readout?  Any help appreciated.
I'm glad this subject came up. The same thing happens here with my IC-706.
Never got around to asking for help. I'm using the Icom interface and have
the right code selected. Everything is fine 6m and below but I loose control
on 144 and 432.

73 Bob VE3KZ

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