[TRLog] Russian oblasts

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
24 Sep 1999 17:25:43 -0000

Hi Gang-

I have finished putting together a table of grid squares for all of
the Russian oblasts (for UA and UA9).   This was a lot of work - but
the results will be unequaled resolution for beam headings, sunrise/sunset
and distance numbers.

The last countries that I think could use this would be Ukraine and
perhaps Kazakhstan.  Does anyone know off hand if the new callsign
structures in these countries still support determination of their
oblast?  If anyone knows of a source of callsign prefix versus oblast
for these countries - I would appreciate a copy or URL.  I am also
trying to get similar information for China.

I will also put XE1, 2 and 3 into the mix - but XE2 is a pretty
big area (so is VE8).  VK and VE used ITU zones before, but will
now use call areas as well.  One other feature that I will put in
is to use the grid for a specific call from the TRMASTER database
if one is available.  That way, you can put in a specific grid
for some well known stations and have accurate information for
them (i.e, 6D2X).  

I am getting close to putting out another release.  This will be a 
pretty major one and then I will once again focus on some of the
POST TRMASTER issues that have been stacking up.  The new release
will have the new SS exchange changes in it (new precedences).

Also, in this second release, POST will support the new Cabrillo 
data format that is being adopted by most contest sponsors.
If you haven't heard about this (which is very possible as it hasn't
been talked about much yet) check out http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/.  
Submitting your SS log with this format will save me some time during 
one of my other "jobs".  Same for CQ WW.


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