[TRLog] TS-940 computer interface help

Marty Watt mwattcpa@earthlink.net
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 00:00:30 GMT

Thanks to Doug, W9WI, I believe I have identified the IF-10B interface in my
TS-940.  I looked beneath the speaker/control enclosure, opened the next
shielded enclosure, and found the Digital Unit X54-1830-00 board, and at the
rear of the board just to the left of center found a socketed IC, JAC2 2740,
with markings on the chip MBM2732A-30 8827 W58.  On the Schematic, it is
marked IC20 (Option).  If this is incorrect, please let me know!

Well, now that I have determined that I have this chip, how do I use it?  I
know I need an interface device, but how does the interface connect to the

Anybody have an instruction sheet for this, or will the interface unit tell me
how to connect it?  I hope to interface it.  I already have a functioning
keyer interface through the parallel port.  I'm quickly running out of
connections, however!

Thanks for the help,

Marty, N5NW
Memphis, Tennessee

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