[TRLog] 6.44 problems

Clive Whelan Clive_Whelan@compuserve.com
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 13:58:27 -0400

<< What kind of rig is this?  I have received one other report 
strange frequency results with the FT1000MP.  I don't see how
anything has changed, so it is possible I distributed a corrupt
copy. >>

Yes an FT1000MP indeed, and the replacement file behaves exactly 
the same :-((.

Clearly it is not a corrupt file, so something must have 
Having noted what you said I switched to Radio 2 ( TS930/PIEXX) 
and it behaves normally!!

For info the frequency readout at 14000kHz is 875.0 if this 
helps. Control is on SERIAL 1.

All other versions I have ever received going back to 6.31 have 
always been OK.

Look forward to getting a replacement when you have worked out 
what's going on!


Clive Whelan
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