[TRLog] 6.44 problems

Don Moman ve6jy@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:27:56 -0600 (MDT)

Same here, Clive.  The frequency is divided by exactly 16 somewhere....
Sending the radio a frequency is OK though.  Tree and I have exchanged
e-mails about this, the replacement file isn't working either.  6.43 and
previous are all fine.

73 Don

 On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Clive Whelan wrote:
> Yes an FT1000MP indeed, and the replacement file behaves exactly 
> the same :-((.
> Clearly it is not a corrupt file, so something must have 
> changed.
> Having noted what you said I switched to Radio 2 ( TS930/PIEXX) 
> and it behaves normally!!
> For info the frequency readout at 14000kHz is 875.0 if this 
> helps. Control is on SERIAL 1.

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