[TRLog] No Names Sent in CW from database

Tom Hammond NěSS n0ss@earthlink.net
Sun, 09 Apr 2000 09:15:13 -0500

One of the very NEATEST features of Acrobat Reader is the FIND option.

Many a time, when I've been trying, in vain, to locate a comment I
KNEW was somewhere in the manual, I've just had it FIND the command,
or a related word, and it'd take off and find all instances of the word.
ONE OF THEM would be what I was looking for.

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

At 00:44 04/09/2000 -0500, you wrote:

> > >
> > >Tree
> >
> > BINGO- I do not recall seeing this in the manual ANYWHERE.
>In my 6.01 manual, it's at the top of page 74.
>In my 6.39 manual, it's in the middle of page 109
>Fear not.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked and looked for a
>command and it was right in front of me all the time.
>dale, kg5u
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