[TRLog] How To: Adding a New Contest?

Mark Adams k2qo@hotmail.com
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:25:53 EDT

Hi Gang,

QRP To The Field 2000, one of the big QRP field contests, is due up Saturday 
Arpil 29th. It will use a report and scoring that is not appearantly 
available in TRLOG. I know lots of guys in the contest would like to use 
TRLOG (but may end up using pencil and paper) because I cannot see how it is 
possible to configure it to even recognize the categories. If anyone knows 
how to do this, please let me know and I will post the answer on QRP-L.

If it is not possible in TRLOG, what major logging program will handle this? 
OK now the details--

The exchange is RST, SPC, Location Category.

Those categories are (with their pts/contact):

MM for marine mobile (25)
OC for ocean (20)
WT for other water location (15)
FD for field location (10)
HO for home (5)

SPC's count once per band.

Final Score = Total Pts x Total SPC's x Location Mult for your location.

The location mults are

MM = X5
OC = X4
WT = X3
FD = X2
HO = X1

Any help is appreciated as I HATE entering a log manually after a great, and 
tiring, day afield.


Mark S. Adams, K2QO  (ex-N2VPK)
The Buffalo QRP Connection

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