[TRLog] Multi-Multi length

Thomas M. Schaefer Thomas M. Schaefer" <ny4i@arrl.net
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 16:56:40 -0600

In preparations for FD, I was testing my phone jack multi-multi hub the
other day. I connected just two systems (although I can go up to six). I
connected one with about 100 feet of CAT 5 cable.

Regarding distance limitations, my guess is that in RS-232 (forget about the
50 foot thing), the only limitation is between two computers. In other
words, forgetting about the "50" foot limit, if I can put 100 feet between
two computers, to me, depending upon the serial ports, I should be able to
do that for all the computers. Unlike single-ended SCSI, where the entire
length of the chain is figured in the distance, in a multi-multi setup,  it
should be just the distance between two connected computers. Any thoughts on
the matter?


Tom NY4I

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