[TRLog] 2 radio and LPTs

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
19 Apr 2000 00:45:15 -0000

> I was re-reading something that Tree wrote about a 2 radio switch box.
> It raised a question:
> When you run two radio mode, do you need to use two LPTs? It seems from the
> switch box, that you just use one LPT connected to the switch box, and the
> relay output controls which radio it is on?

You can do it either way.  I think the prefered way is to use the
relay control output and just use one port.  You can use the same
relay that switches the CW output to the proper radio to switch your

> For some reason, I was thinking that TR asked you if you want to setup an
> LPT for radio 2.

It will - but just say no.


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