[TRLog] TR Log - Version 6.52 Release Notes

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
7 Aug 2000 02:46:53 -0000

> >  - Added PACKET SPOT KEY (default = `).  This key is used to automatically
> My 6.52 says "invalid statement in config file"
> What am I missing? Is there a typo somewhere?
> Anyway, thanks for this feature, very useful for German keyboards.

Yes - a typo.  Turns out this is also the reason 6.52 says 6.51
when you check its version.  It will be fixed in 6.53.

> >  - Added CALL WINDOW POSITION (NORMAL or UP).  The defaul it NORMAL.
> The UP needs to be upper case. Is this intended to be so?

I can fix that too.


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