[TRLog] WAE - QTC - and the Manual

Soro Roberto roberto.soro@sia.it
Mon, 7 Aug 2000 14:59:42 +0200

Hi Tree, Doc and all!

When 6.44/6.45 was released
questions raised about WAE/QTC and all 
the "undocumented"  Alt or Ctrl chars related to that

I downloaded 6.52 manual and looked for
QTC and related things into that book but didn't
find anything.

If I'm not wrong, things should be like the followings:

(from EU side)

ALT-Q   QTC procedure START


ALT-R   RPT?  (what is this intended for??)

ALT-T   TIME? and cursor on TIME   field

ALT-C   CALL? and cursor on CALL   field

ALT-N   NR?   and cursor on NUMBER field

Since WAE is shortly next weekend,
could anybody give the right word on the topic??
(when in the manual??)
Thanks a lot.

Bob,I2WIJ (J49WI - J45W)


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