[TRLog] 6.47 bandmap

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
15 Jan 2000 02:12:17 -0000

> It seems question marks within calls turn into slashes on the bandmap now.
> And several ?s become a single /.  I'm often using ?s to differentiate two
> incomplete calls from stations I heard CQing on the sub-rx inbetween my
> own CQs (like N6?, N6??, etc).

That makes sense to me.  I am compressing the data using a procedure
that doesn't allow for all those special characters - essentially
turning them all to spaces.  For the bandmap display - I turn a 
space into a slash under the assumption that is what is was supposed
to be.

The edit stuff is a rough edge from the new implementation.  I will work
on that for the next release.


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