[TRLog] TRMASTER duplicate call breakthrough

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
16 Jan 2000 02:28:51 -0000

Okay - I am an idiot.  

Whenever the TRMASTER.ASC file is generated, it will generate two
entries for any call that repeats the "key" for the cell being 

For example, when saving data from the AA cell, AA1AA will be saved
twice.  I don't save the call when I get to the A1 cell, because
"that cell isn't the first cell for that call"...  but I don't check
to make sure I don't save a call a second time during the "cell that is
the first cell for that call".

This is why you have seen so many dupes.  Essentially, they will grow
exponentially and make your database very big.  

I am half done fixing this and going through the save to ASCII and 
build from ASCII cycle will clean up your databases when I release


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