[TRLog] Scoring anomaly in Stew Perry Log

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
16 Jan 2000 02:23:28 -0000

> In checking my log before submission, I found the following anomaly:
> I worked US3IMZ the first time, but didn't copy his grid locator, so TRlog
> correctly gave me only 1 point for the QSO.  The second time that I worked
> US3IMZ, I copied his grid square correctly (and entered it into the log),
> but since this was a duplicate QSO, the points credited are ZERO.
> I used a line editor to enter the grid square into the line for the first
> QSO, but I haven't been able to get the software to generate the correct
> number of QSO points.  How may this be done?

You can edit the QSO point just like the grid OR

you can rename your edited file to something like 4X4NJ.NEW
and then type TR READ 4X4NJ.NEW and the program will rework 
the contest.

OR - you can just leave it alone as the log checking software doesn't
even look at what you have for the QSO points - it recalculates it
for each QSO.


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