[TRLog] Print-out

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
20 Jan 2000 19:20:01 -0000

> Is there a way to print fewer than 50 contacts per page when printing the
> LOG.DAT? I know that in POST, you can set the contacts per page to whatever
> number you want, but how about the "raw" LOG.DAT?  I like seeing the list
> of QSOs and my notes made at the time.  There seems to be a "hard" page
> break at the end of each 50 QSOs, and I usually have 48 QSOs on one page,
> followed by a page containing only 2 QSOs. 

CONTACTS PER PAGE = 40 in your LOGCFG.DAT file should do it.


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