[TRLog] Cabrillo

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
7 Mar 2000 21:05:14 -0000

> Is the Cabrillo in 6.48 OK for the ARRL? Just wanted to check...

I think so.  Cabrillo isn't required yet anyway and once again, this
is a situation where the guy writting the checking software is the same
one that wrote POST.  

Just make sure that it shows all the information you would need.  I
think it doesn't show the sent information if you are DX (and maybe 
USA), but that isn't a show stopper at this point.

> Also, since the cabrillo format seems to have summary sheet info in it, =
> I presume that is all that is needed for the ARRL. IN other words, no =
> seperate summary sheet text file required?

Right - that is really one of the big reasons we came up with this 


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