[TRLog] RUSSIAN DX CONTEST: CFG files and more

Igor Sokolov Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc@dialup.mplik.ru
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 03:36:04 +0500

Playing with TR in preparations for Russian Dx Contest I just ran into some
minor bugs.
There is no Antarctica in the domestic countries list. It needs to be added
manually with add domestic country = CE9
Double mult is not awarded in case of Russian countries (UA, UA9, UA2 etc.)
They only logged as domestic mults.
TR likes EU Russia (UA in CTY) better and gives it 10 points instead of 5 if
configured for someone from Asiatic Russia (UA9). At the same time it scores
UA2 and FJL correctly.
When I do the second or the third qso with say DL3AA (different bands or
modes) and MEMORY EXCHANGE ENABLE= TRUE I get DL in exchange window instead
of the QSO# and have to erase that to put the serial number. Disabling
Memory Exchange sure cures the problem but then I cannot use the feature
with Russian stations sending Oblast designator. I have to enter it every
time I work the station.

Having said that it is still by far the best logging program especially for
all the non standard contests and gives one a possibility to play with
configuration files tuning it to ones liking.
I have also composed a config file for those who has got the version of
TRlog that does not support Russian Contest. It is pretty usable and I have
asked Roberto to put it on his FTP. So if someone needs it you can probably
get it there.
I do want to thank Roberto for his devotion to implementing the idea of
having FTP site for different TR config files especially for contests that
are not directly supported.
He is doing a great job and there were a lot of people that I have referred
to Roberto's site.
The popularity of TR log is rapidly growing in Russia as that is the only
program that can be adapted to most of the domestic contests.
See most of you in Russian Dx Contest this coming weekend.

Igor, UA9CDC

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