[TRLog] Russian DX: .cfg, scoring, exchanges

Soro Roberto roberto.soro@sia.it
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:48:05 +0100

Hi all,
more on this Russian DX Contest.
There will be again new info tonight on the web site:

initial.ex file (TNX Udo, DL2ZAV)
                to use without the need of the trmaster.dta.

Here some hints/warning follows:
(Please Tree, take a look, something can be done 
to make corrections in future release)

TR6.42  score double mult for R1MV, R1AN, R1FJ
        does not score correctly for UA2
        doesn't treat correctly the exchanges: 
        indeed requires also the qso# for RUSSIAN stations 
        which is wrong; if you insert the command:
        exchange received = rst qso number or domestic qth
        the exchange works correctly, but then does not score
        the double mult for R1MV, R1AN, R1FJ anymore!!

TR6.47  exchanges are correctly treated, but all the versions
        do not score the double mult for R1MV, R1AN, R1FJ

Bob,I2WIJ - J49WI


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