[TRLog] VA QSO Party - this weekend!!

John Unger w4au@contesting.com
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 14:13:09 -0500

Just a reminder that the 25th edition of the Virginia QSO Party will
take place this weekend. 1800Z Saturday 3/18 to 0200Z Monday 3/20.
Get on for a few hours and hand out some stateside mults to us poor
VA stations... You might even find a few rare counties being
activated. For rules and other information see:


For any TRLog users, I have put together a .dom file with the
Virginia counties in it. It is set up for VA contesters, but you can
easily delete the US and Canadian sections in the file. Send me
email if you want a copy.

73 - John, W4AU

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