[TRLog] Lockups

LRod@pobox.com LRod@pobox.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 05:19:06 -0000

> ...and told me to put  "STACKS=18,512" in the CONFIG.SYS file.  I tried this
> and so far no more lockups!!   I then took a look at the CONFIG.SYS file in
> my 486 PC and sure enough it has "STACKS=9,256" in it. Don't know why the
> numbers are different, but my laptop seems to work fine now.  

This may be old hat or too simple to mention, but contrary to what it may 
appear, those numbers are not eighteen thousand five hundred twelve, and nine 
thousand two hundred fifty six. They mean 18 stacks by 512 bytes or 9 stacks 
by 256 bytes.

If memory serves from the DOS days, the STACKS command (like the 
LASTDRIVE command) is optional and DOS plays just fine without it. You 
might try skipping it altogether.

With 95 (or 98) having been in place for 5 years now, some of this old DOS 
stuff may start to become a lost art.

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