[TRLog] Lockups

Grant Mitchell mitchell_g@popmail.firn.edu
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 19:03:39 -0500


Thanks for the description on "STACKS".

I have had some more time to play with this and this is what I found.

1.    Remove BUFFERS=40 from CONFIG.SYS...no lockup

2.    Remove FILES=50 from CONFIG.SYS...no lockup

3.    Remove STACKS=18,512 from CONFIG.SYS...lockup

4.    Install STACKS=18,512 in CONFIG.SYS...no lockup

5.    Remove SMARTDRV.EXE from AUTOEXEC.BAT....no lockup

6.    Re-install BUFFERS=40, FILES=50 in CONFIG.SYS and SMARTDRV.EXE in
AUTOEXEC.BAT...no lockup.

(system was re-booted after each of the above changes)

My three 386/486 laptops all seem to be working fine now with ver 6.48 and no
lockups.  Not sure why I need the STACKS command but it works on all my machines.
I like using straight DOS machines with a DOS program (TRLOG) and have the usual
Pentium 350 and 450 PC (WIN 98) for home/business use.

LRod@pobox.com wrote:

> This may be old hat or too simple to mention, but contrary to what it may
> appear, those numbers are not eighteen thousand five hundred twelve, and nine
> thousand two hundred fifty six. They mean 18 stacks by 512 bytes or 9 stacks
> by 256 bytes.
> If memory serves from the DOS days, the STACKS command (like the
> LASTDRIVE command) is optional and DOS plays just fine without it. You
> might try skipping it altogether.
> With 95 (or 98) having been in place for 5 years now, some of this old DOS
> stuff may start to become a lost art.
> 73, Rod K4QG

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