[TRLog] Questions

n6tr@teleport.com n6tr@teleport.com
27 Mar 2000 16:24:08 -0000

> DVP question... I did get the message for call and CQ's to work ok for CQ 
> and S&P. Can you program #'s or letters?  I do not remember how to set
> that up.

The ability to program letters and numbers is not available.

> While running and using the Clarifier for RX it would put the program into
> S&P.  I read the manual and it said that using shift keys would tune the
> clarifier.  It tuned the radio...Yeasu FT-1000 issue (my guess).

The Yaesu's command set doens't let me tune the RIT very well.  Sounds
like you have the AUTO S&P mode enabled if tuning the RIT is making 
you go into S&P.  

> Also on 40 meters, I noticed that the QSX frequency was not getting into
> the radio correctly from the spots.  I did look at a few of the spots and 
> noticed that they seemed to be correct. I noticed that the B VFO would be
> slightly above the A VFO.

I'll have to look at this.

> Is there an auto repeat CQ message feature?

Yes - Alt-Q.


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