[TRLog] Questions

Simon Pearson (M0CLW) simon@m0clw.co.uk
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 17:39:00 +0100

William R Liporace NA2NA wrote:
        > Is there an auto repeat CQ message feature?

Yes there is. It's a bit more tricky using it with a DVP than it is with CW.

1. Hit Alt-Q to setup the 'Auto-CQ' function. The program will ask you which
memory key you wish to repeat. Hit F1 to repeat F1, F2 to repeat F2 etc.

2. TR will then prompt you how much 'listening time' you want. This is where
it's a little tricky when using a DVP, because the listening time including
the length of the CQ (which you've already recorded). So, if you're message
is 7 seconds in length, and you want 3 secs in between each CQ, then enter
10. You can fiddle with this later, however.

3. The program will return to its original state. Now hit Alt-C to start the
auto-CQ feature. Hit Page up/down to adjust the 'listening time'

73  -   Simon, M0CLW

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