[TRLog] Cabrillo format for ARRL 10-meter contest has wrong exchange

Mike Heideman mikeh@airflash.com
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 18:03:39 -0700

I just received an email from Dave, K8CC, informing me that the Cabrillo
log I submitted for the ARRL 10-meter contest had the wrong exchange,
giving SCV instead of CA as the state.  I reran POST C and noticed that
it never asked for the state or the sent exchange, just the section.  I
hadn't thought to check this detail when I submitted the log.

So, let this serve as a reminder to me and everyone else that you need
to check the Cabrillo output to make sure that it is correct.  Now that
I've screwed up NAQP and 10-meter, I can't wait to see what comes back

Tree, please fix the Cabrillo emission problems for these two contests
before next year.  Some of us live in and operate from sections that are
not the same as the state.

-Mike, N7MH

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