[TRLog] CQ-M Contest in May

Dmitri Bagno (RW3FO) bagno@mai.ru
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 22:00:00 +0400


An annual 45th CQ-M International DX Contest 2001 will be held
from 2100z 12 May till 2100z 13 May, on HF bands, CW and SSB.
For complete info about the CQ-M, please visit its homepage at
(its US mirror at http://www.rossiya.net/cq-m/cqmain_e.htm is
to be updated soon).

CQ-M is supported by TR-Log. It works excellet, no problems
reported. Simply choose "CONTEST = CQ M". Multi-band entries
shall add "TEN MINUTE RULE = TIME OF FIRST QSO" to the
configuration file.

It is a good idea to download and use CTY.dat with additional
CQ-M multipliers. The file was updated on April 24, 2000, the
paths are:
            http://www.rossiya.net/cq-m/cqm_cty.zip  or

The address for email logs is the same, cqm@mail.ru
Contest committee needs your log.dat & summary only.

The Krenkel Central Radio Club of Russia invites you to
participate in the CQ-M Contest 2001, and hopes you enjoy
the contest as thousands world wide have for over 40 years!

--Dmitri (RW3FO), bagno@mai.ru 
At the request of the CQ-M Contest Committee

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