[TRLog] DOM file suggestions

Jim Smith jimsmith@home.com
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:34:41 -0700

I find I make lots of mistakes logging state abbreviations on
SSB.  "He said Minnesota.  Is that Mn or Mi? Can't be Mi because
that's Missouri, or, maybe, Mississippi or, even, Michigan.  But
Michigan ends in N so maybe Mn is Michigan.  But isn't Mn Maine? 
No, no, Maine is Ma, or is that Massachusetts or, maybe,
Maryland?  Can't be Massachusetts because it ends in S so it must
be Ms.  But isn't Ms Missouri, or, maybe, Mississippi?  What to
do?  What to do?"  Well, it isn't that bad, but I do make

To alleviate the problems without, I hope, creating new ones, I
have made the following changes to all my DOM files.

Al = AL is changed to Al = AL, ALAB
Ak = AK, ALK, KL7 is changed to Al = AK, ALK, KL7, ALAS (but only
in those DOM files with Ak)
Ar = AR is changed to Ar = AR, ARK
Ma = MA is changed to Ma = MA, MAS
Mi = MI is changed to Mi = MI, MIC

There are others which could be changed, such as Co and Ct, but I
don't have problems with these.

Anyone see any problems here?

If anyone wants a copy of these files, let me know.  Your risk of

It would be nice if Tree were to make these changes to the DOM
files so I don't have to do it all again when the next release is
issued but I suspect he has more pressing issues.


VY0 and Nu.

I notice these don't show up in many DOM files.  Should they?

S48P14.DOM v6.58 shows  Nu  - VY0, NU instead of Nu  = VY0, NU.  I
replaced the - with the = in mine

Hope this is of some use.

73 de Jim Smith VE7FO

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