[TRLog] DOM file suggestions

Udo DL2ZAV dl2zav@darc.de
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 01:00:29 +0200


most of what you did is not necessary as TR already does what you want. The
manual says:
The syntax for the files is simple. For example:
Al = AL
Here, two domestic multipliers are being created: Al (Alabama) and Ak
(Alaska). ...
When a domestic QTH is being located, the program will start with the whole
name, and see if it matches any of the entries on the right hand side of the
equal sign. For example, if someone entered ALA for Alabama, the program
will see if any of the entries is ALA. In this case, none of them are. When
no matching entries are found, the program will then delete the LAST
character in the entry and try again. In this example, ALA will turn into
AL, and this will match and the QTH will be Al.
Note that not every entry starting with AL will end up in Alabama. If
someone entered ALK or ALASKA, it will end up in Ak for Alaska.

So you can literally type in Minnesota, Missouri etc. and TR will recognize
it. Set LITERAL DOMESTIC QTH = true or false as you prefer the exchange to
appear in your log.

When I get tate names on SSB (as a DX station, I mostly get 59 Charly Tango
etc.), I still type the old-style TR abbreviations (Conn, Penn etc.). I
think I will never learn that Montana is not Mo. Typing MONT and MISSO (as
opposed to MISSI) helps a lot.

So there is no need for Tree to make changes, except that ALAS is missing
for Alaska. Wonder why it's missing in the file when it even is in the
example in the manual...

When you make up your own .DOM files for other contests you can make use of
the routine as described in the manual. But note that only the first six
characters of any domestic QTH are checked (Tree mentioned this some time
ago here on the reflector.)


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> I find I make lots of mistakes logging state abbreviations on
> SSB.  "He said Minnesota.  Is that Mn or Mi? Can't be Mi because
> that's Missouri, or, maybe, Mississippi or, even, Michigan.  But
> Michigan ends in N so maybe Mn is Michigan.  But isn't Mn Maine?
> No, no, Maine is Ma, or is that Massachusetts or, maybe,
> Maryland?  Can't be Massachusetts because it ends in S so it must
> be Ms.  But isn't Ms Missouri, or, maybe, Mississippi?  What to
> do?  What to do?"  Well, it isn't that bad, but I do make
> mistakes.
> To alleviate the problems without, I hope, creating new ones, I
> have made the following changes to all my DOM files.
> Al = AL is changed to Al = AL, ALAB
> Ak = AK, ALK, KL7 is changed to Al = AK, ALK, KL7, ALAS (but only
> in those DOM files with Ak)
> Ar = AR is changed to Ar = AR, ARK
> Ma = MA is changed to Ma = MA, MAS
> Mi = MI is changed to Mi = MI, MIC
> There are others which could be changed, such as Co and Ct, but I
> don't have problems with these.
> Anyone see any problems here?
> If anyone wants a copy of these files, let me know.  Your risk of
> course.
> It would be nice if Tree were to make these changes to the DOM
> files so I don't have to do it all again when the next release is
> issued but I suspect he has more pressing issues.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++

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