[TRLog] simulator and NAQP problem

Jim Smith jimsmith@home.com
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 15:54:34 -0700

Hi Mike,

I tried the same thing with the same results.  When you answer a
calling station, he doesn't reply.  I wish the simulator supported
more contests but it doesn't.  It sure would be nice for us bottom
feeders to be able to practice using the exchange format of the
contest one is practising for.

re the DX calls you were hearing.  If you don't have a
trmaster.dta file where the simulator can find it, the simulator
uses a list of rather arbitrary calls.  To practise for a contest
the simulator does support, here is what I do.  It requires that
you already have a TR log file for that contest.  e.g. from the
last time you were in it.  Doesn't matter if it was phone or cw.

1.	Create a new directory so you don't mess things up.  You could
call it TRPrac.
2.	Copy the log file you want to use into TRPrac.
3.	Follow the manual instructions to create a trmaster.dta file
from the log
file.  DO IT IN THE TRPRAC DIRECTORY so you don't overwrite any
trmaster.dta files you might already have.
4.	Start TR from TRPrac and set up in the usual way for the
contest you want to practise.  Use CTRL-J to make sure CW TONE =
something other than zero.
5.	Hit F1 and away you go.

For NAQP you could use the Field Day simulator.  The exchanges you
receive won't be right but you will get cw practice.

Hope this helps.

73 de Jim Smith	VE7FO

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