[TRLog] TR comments

Bill Fisher W4AN w4an@contesting.com
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 14:53:32 -0400 (EDT)

I did pretty well with TRLog for the first time out of the gate.  Most of
my confusion related to poor programming of CW memories and...

In the manual it says that if I want to log someone without sending any CW
I do this with CONTROL-ENTER.  I did not find this to always be true.  
This appears to only be the case if you have sent the exchange.  If you
have not sent the exchange, and hit CONTROL-ENTER it dumps the report.  

So, I would like to know if you assume that I am making a QSO and I do all
the sending with my paddles to complete the QSO process.... what key
sequence do I hit to log the callsign and the exchange I have enteered but
not sent?

One other thing...  Why is alternate-CQ programmed in to ALT-F3?  Seems
like this should be a choice:


I was wanting to program this key to send my name on the inactive radio,
F3 would send my name on the active radio.  So my memories would be:

F2 - Full exchange    ALT-F2 - Full exchange inactive radio
F3 - Name             ALT-F3 - Name on inactive radio
F4 - State            ALT-F4 - State on inactive radio

Maybe there is some bit of TRZenn that I have not yet grocked?  Tree would
you program CW memories for this event?


Bill, W4AN

Oh... the one feature that I most fell in love with is how I can type a
callsign on the active radio while the exchange is being sent on the
inactive radio, which breaks the auto-CQ process and I can come back to
the station answering my CQ instead of CQing in his face.

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