[TRLog] SO1.5R Status Report #2

Jim Smith jimsmith@home.com
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 00:35:21 -0700

Some things I have discovered while setting up for WAE.

It seems that CQMODE doesn't override AUTO S&P ENABLE (even though
I was sure it did yesterday).  So set AUTO S&P ENABLE = FALSE. 
Otherwise, when you return to the CQ VFO, TR switches back to
S&P.  Not instantly, however.  Seems to wait until the radio is

This one is really important.  Don't try to modify the contest
.cfg file with a text editor unless it can save binary
characters.  If you do, it appears that you will destroy the
file.  This means that if you want to put something like INPUT
CONFIG FILE = myfile after the CONTEST = statement do it before
you enter the control characters into the CTRL-F1 memories.

You can exit TR and restart it and the CTRL-F1 memories will be
intact.  Just don't try to edit the contest.cfg file with a text
editor once they are in there.  It seems to still be a problem
even if you take them out again.  I guess some binary characters
get left in the file.

Editing with a hex editor should be OK.

73 de Jim Smith	VE7FO

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