[TRLog] SO1.5R Status Report #3

Jim Smith jimsmith@home.com
Sun, 12 Aug 2001 01:34:46 -0700

Well, I've been using it in WAE.  It takes time to find a call to
S&P but, when you find one, the ability to swap VFOs, work him and
swap back, changing from CQ mode to S&P and back is very

I find that when I switch to S&P that I don't want to hear what's
going on on the Run frequency so I'm forever pushing the DUAL
button on the MkV.  Not any more.  The CTRL-F1 memories now do it
for me.

Next step is to go to Radio Shack & buy a mixer so I can feed
audio from my old 75A-4 Rx (it's hooked up to an old HY-Gain
mobile whip that sits above my tri-bander) into the phones along
with the outputs from the A & B receivers.  The idea is that I
should be able to listen on the A4 while I'm transmitting which
will make it quicker to find S&P candidates.  Once found, I expect
to be able to put VFO B on the same frequency, hit CTRL-F1, work
him, hit CTRL-F1 again and go back to endless CQing.

I'll give the details on DUAL switching after WAE.  I hope to be
able to comment on the usefulness of the 2nd receiver then as
well.  Will the use of this 2nd Rx make it SO1.75R?

73 de Jim Smith	VE7FO

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