[TRLog] WAE issues

Robert Brandon rbrandon@austin.ibm.com
Sun, 12 Aug 2001 13:22:48 -0400

I played around a little in WAE this weekend, and was pleased at how easy
the QTC process was.  I noticed two things, however.

First, when I changed the QTC QRS setting to FALSE, no CW was sent following
the "QTC 1/10 QRV?" message.  The items would pop up on the screen, but I
had to send them manually.  Setting QTC QRS = TRUE got keying going again.

I also couldn't understand why the available QTC count wouldn't increment
after each QSO.  Then I used Alt-U to flush the QSOs in the edit window to
the log and that incremented the available QTC count.  Once I discovered
that and someone requested QTC, I'd use an Alt-U and give them all I had
available, right up to the last QSO.

Robert K5PI

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