[TRLog] Updates

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 08:49:10 -0700

A number of people have sent messages that say something like this:

> I swear I purchased this, but I don't seem to get the updates. 

I would like to say the following 4 things about this:

1. Sometimes, big files take the "long path" and will show up well
after the announcement on the reflector.

2. The program is sent as an attachement - make sure you don't miss it.

3. You are not put on the update list until you ask to be.  The process
is explained in the manual under the GETTING UPDATES section.  In the
USA, contact me (tree@kkn.net).  In other parts of the world, you need
to contact the distributor who sold you the program.  

4. Please make sure you include your callsign when asking if you 
are on the list, or to be added to the list.  Also, make it clear
if you are a life or yearly member.


73 Tree N6TR

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