[TRLog] RE: IOTA Contest Logs / Rescoring & TR

Soro Roberto roberto.soro@sia.it
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 11:38:27 +0200

Hi Alan,

thanks for sharing this cfg file for TR.
There is always something to learn.
I did not use the dom file, since TR recognise the IOTA reference.
Yes, you do not have a visual list of needed mults, but since
they are quite a few you can never have them all diplayed at a time
moreover, when you enter the ref,  typing eu5 is OK for EU005
so it is even faster.
Anyway I rechecked my log and found all mult were OK but
(and this was done manually, with an editor)
I came across to two qso with iota stations scored 3 pts
(so my actual score should 24 pts more multiplied by the 166 multipliers)
POST do not recognise this score errors and you should have to rerun the
with TR READ, but.....
I don't worry about this since all log get rescored this time!!
I'm pretty sure the wrong score was due to a mistake at qso time
than corrected immediately after it, but of course in a hurry
so at least the call or the ref, no more.!
I have been quite pleased to use TR since 3 years ago in the IOTA Contest
but this year I had two crashes, (version is 6.56+)
(I do not have any idea about what went wrong)
but once I had to delete the rst file to recover, so I lost a lot of
info (like the initial exchange)

Bob,I2WIJ (J49R)


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