[TRLog] Newbie TR operation questions

Dave Hachadorian k6ll@juno.com
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 19:31:58 -0700

On Wed, 07 Feb 2001 16:10:12 -0800 "Rick Tavan" <tavan@tibco.com> writes:
> OK, I finally got tr running under a Win98 simulation of DOS. Thanks 
> to those who responded to my earlier questions. Here are a few more:
> * In CQ mode, I have a config file choice of working dupes or 
> sending the "you're a dupe" message. What I want to do is send the 
> dupe message first but then, if the station insists I'm not in his 
> log, to complete a QSO. Any way to do that short of changing the 
> config parameter back and forth in real time (many keystrokes)?

Here's how I log a "dupe." Hit TAB twice. That gets you into the
S&P mode. It also puts the cursor in the exchange field with no
callsign in the call field, which looks so odd that it will remind you
not to use automatic cw in this situation. Send the exchange
manually, or using the F Keys, not by pressing ENTER. Copy his
exchange, including callsign, entirely in the exchange field.

> * The pre-programmed messages contain some apparently undocumented 
> special characters like two kinds of happy faces and the playing 
> card spade symbol. Anyone know what these are all about? I suppose I 
> can just reprogram the memories and forget about them, but it would 
> be nice to know what they mean.

The happy faces are CTRL-A and CTRL-B, which, with other
commands, appear in the manual under "Programming CW messages." Search
the manual on CTRL-A.

> * Anyone know how to get a full-screen display under Win98 simulated 
> DOS? Even in so-called "full screen" mode, it only occupies about a 
> third of the screen area with black all around. I suspect real DOS 
> would help, but I won't be able to find a DOS boot disk that works 
> with my IBM 600 laptop between now and Sprint. (There was recent 
> advice to hit F8 repeatedly while booting Win98 to force it into a 
> calmer form of DOS. I'll try that tonight when I get home.)

After you hit F8, use the option "Step-by-step confirmation" or
something like that. Just say NO to anything that's not required
to run TR, like sound card, CD-ROM, Windows, etc.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

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