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BrenSmth@cs.com BrenSmth@cs.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:58:37 EST

Tnx for any help.

I have a problem with TR on my Toshiba laptop as follows. A software/hardware 
conflict seemingly causes computer lockup when floppie save to drive A: is 
attempted during CW. I do not know if this is a general problem or just a 
quirk of my specific Toshiba Satellite (it is completely loaded with memory - 
to the max). This "bug" is in ALL contests - not related to any particular 
file. It has same symptoms as RF feedback into the keyboard, but RF is NOT 
the cause (happens even with no RF output from RIG). I found this out the 
hard way in FD, IOTA and other contests. Any help on this will be appreciated.

Also, I set up LOGCFG.DAT and NCQSO.DOM for the NC QSO party for FIXED, 
IN-STATE stations, with pretty much all the correct mults, scoring, etc. 
Anybody wants a copy, please advise.

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