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Tue, 20 Feb 2001 23:39:57 -0000

Thanks for your answers!

I forgot to mention - it was worse with the other calls with / in them such as:
K6LL/7 - K0DI/6 - K7JJ/6 - N6GLI/4 - VE5UA/6 - KP3YL/W6 - KA7VV/M - W1AH/6 and so on...

As I had AUTO SEND CHARACTER COUNT = 4 and AUTO CALL TERMINATE = TRUE in my logcfg.dat everyone of those calls started to send after the 4th character. Then I had to hit Shift-7 to get the / during the time the call was sent, which moved my listening frequency and messed up the CW, and then I was lost...

I'm sorry I messed your calls up, guys!

I understand from the answers that this is a European problem, as you in US don't have to use the Shift-7 to get the / character. One solution I got was to use the / character on the numeric keyboard, but you know - "old habits..."

However, I have sent Tree a couple of mails, and maybe he can come up with a smarter solution for us Europeans (and everyone else having to use the Shift-7 combination).

73 de Jan

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