SV: [TRLog] CW problems

Clive Whelan
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 00:55:08 GMT

 Udo Lautenbach DL2ZAV wrote:
> Well, people are different. I have to type real fast because I can't keep
> the call in mind. So even with AUTO SEND CHARACTER COUNT = 6 sometimes I
> start to send UA0XXX before he has finished his /MM. I often switch off the
> AUTO SEND completely.

Oh my retention is also shot, which I am sure is a direct function of age. 
When I was in my twenties and thirties it wasn't a problem, but in my fifties 
it is *huge*. However I have trained  myself to hold back until the fourth 
character. Strangely, once I have started to enter the call I can remember 
the rest it! The problem is with much shorter callsigns such as a 2x3  as we 
both have. Unless it is a familiar call such as yours, then I cannot hold it 
in my head any longer, and of course I *never* use a pen/paper any more.

It is as you say we all have different psychological responses. One thing 
that does work for me however is to simulate phone operation, by saying the 
callsign out loud. That seems to trigger a different process and fixes it in 
my mind much better. It's the same sort of thing when I am working around the 
house, and I put a tool or something down somewhere and move on. Unless I say 
to myself something like "the screwdriver is on the coffee table", I will 
forget within a couple of minutes. Trouble with that is that people think you 
are mad talking to yourself!

> Probably kinda synchronizing effect.

Yes I think that may well be correct. The "de" is a sort of start signal, and 
after that you *expect* to get a callsign, but otherwise it could be 
something else. Probably somebody has written a book about this!



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