SV: [TRLog] CW problems

Jim Smith
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 21:42:55 -0800


A big thank you.  I'm sure going to try this and I bet it will work for
me too (including around the house).



> It is as you say we all have different psychological responses. One thing
> that does work for me however is to simulate phone operation, by saying the
> callsign out loud. That seems to trigger a different process and fixes it in
> my mind much better. It's the same sort of thing when I am working around the
> house, and I put a tool or something down somewhere and move on. Unless I say
> to myself something like "the screwdriver is on the coffee table", I will
> forget within a couple of minutes. Trouble with that is that people think you
> are mad talking to yourself!

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