[TRLog] QSX Frequency Problem

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Sun, 04 Mar 2001 01:11:06 -0500

At 10:56 PM 3/3/01 EST, RPClifton@aol.com wrote:

"I'm using TR Log 6.55 with an FT-1000MP.  When I select spots from the band 
map that contain split information the transceiver splits, but the transmit 
frequency is incorrect.  For example, the DX is listening on 7198, but the 
FT-1000MP transmit frequency is set to 7066.92.  Other than that, all the 
other radio interface features seem to work fine.  Any ideas what is wrong?"

No, but the same thing is happening to me with 6.56, on a Kenwood radio.  I
thought this feature used to work properly, but it sure doesn't now.  Each
time I try to grab QSX information from the band map I get a different,
erroneous result.  Using the "-" to select a transmit frequency in software
is not bad, but sometimes it doesn't turn off.

I had hesitated to say anything because the microprocessor in my radio is a
PIEXX, so I thought perhaps real Kenwoods (TS-850 and above) worked
properly.  Maybe they do?  Anyone else have this experience?

Also, whatever happened to NEXTBANDMAP?

73, Pete N4ZR
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