[TRLog] computer from cigarette adapter

Scott/Lori Jasper NE9U/KA9ZGD jasper@powercom.net
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 23:23:28 -0600

I recently upgraded my 8088 laptop to a state of the art 486 laptop (NEC 440-1531) that I am now using TR on.  :-)))

I had planned on using this 486 with TR while running mobile in the Wisconsin qso party this weekend.

The old 8088 used a plain old 12 volt negative tipped plug that ran easily off a cigarette lighter.
The 486 has some square 4 pronged plug. (says 13.5 v, 11.5V, s.g., and cont)

This may not be the best place to ask this, but I figure one of you guys might know.  Am I going to be able to find something that
will run off a cigarette lighter by this weekend? Of course, the batteries are shot.  I'm guessing a power inverter will be too
noisey to use running mobile.

I'd like to use TR for the contest, but guess if need be can fall back to an old 8088 logger.

Thanks for any help!


Amateur Radio NE9U/KA9ZGD/KB9TTO/TBA

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