[TRLog] Scoring Mobile Contacts with Different Points from Phone and CW Points

Fritz Reuning K4OAQ k4oaq@mindspring.com
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 20:02:16 -0500

I'm trying to set up TR Log ver 6.56 for the VA QSO Party.  PHONE QSOs are 
1 point, CW QSOs 2 points & mobile QSOs 3 points.  I've found how you can 
handle phone & cw but don't see any way to handle the mobiles.  I've gone 
through all the QSO Partys that TRLog supports and have discovered that the 
points for a mobile and non-mobile are the same.  In the table for "Valid 
QSO POINT METHODS" in the manual are listed "MICH QSO PARTY" and "MN QSO 
PARTY", but when I set QSO POINT METHOD equal to these, I get error msgs. 
 When I set up these contests the normal way, the mobile points weren't any 
different, so my assumption that these non-functional QSO POINT METHODS 
won't accomplish what I want anyway.

Am I correct in concluding that TR Log can't be set up to give mobiles a 
different number of points?

Many tks & 73,

Fritz  k4oaq@mindspring.com

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