[TRLog] Bandmap decay time

Jim Smith jimsmith@home.com
Thu, 08 Mar 2001 22:25:06 -0800

I do a lot of S&P and have set Bandmap to show stations I have worked. 
Now when I tune to a station I don't have to wait for his call, enter
it, then hit spacebar to find out if I have worked him.  I don't even
have to wait for his call.  This is particularly helpful for those who
seem to never send their call. 

I set the Bandmap decay time to 120 to keep the stations there for 2
hrs.  I have never seen the bandmap entries change colour but I
understand that this part isn't working.  What is really bothering me is
that the actual decay time is way less than 2 hours.   It's a real chore
going thru the band, entering calls and hitting space just to get the
entries back.  It seems to me that earlier versions behaved properly.

Any ideas anyone?  Is there a way of doing a global update instead of
for individual calls?

TIA for your help & 73

JIm Smith	VE7FO

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