[TRLog] Bandmap decay time

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 22:30:01 -0800

> I do a lot of S&P and have set Bandmap to show stations I have worked. 
> Now when I tune to a station I don't have to wait for his call, enter
> it, then hit spacebar to find out if I have worked him.  I don't even
> have to wait for his call.  This is particularly helpful for those who
> seem to never send their call. 
> I set the Bandmap decay time to 120 to keep the stations there for 2
> hrs.  I have never seen the bandmap entries change colour but I
> understand that this part isn't working.  What is really bothering me is
> that the actual decay time is way less than 2 hours.   It's a real chore
> going thru the band, entering calls and hitting space just to get the
> entries back.  It seems to me that earlier versions behaved properly.
> Any ideas anyone?  Is there a way of doing a global update instead of
> for individual calls?

The maximum time is 63 minutes.


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