[TRLog] TR 6.57 Auto CQ Problems

Jeffrey Rymer jrymer@ez-net.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 01:27:47 -0600

Just installed version 6.57 and tried it out. I started it up in ARRL 10
mtr. contest . Turned on the auto cq function to check out the new fix for
it, noticed a problem right away- It would only send the cq one time. The
auto cq bar remained highlighted at bottom of screen, but when it finished
the first cq, it just sat there silent. The clock which normally counts down
the seconds between each cq was not active either. So tried running another
contest, and lo and behold it worked, as did several other contests that I
ran it under. But I ran into another one where it had the same malfunction-
NA QSO. Also had this very same problem on the weekend under WI QSO Party.

Also, when it does work, it works too good- the auto cq function starts up
after every QSO is logged, even when it was not activated to begin with!

Any suggestions?

Jeff N9PQU

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