FW: Re: [TRLog] Auto CQ problem in Russian contest

Clive Whelan clive_whelan@btinternet.com
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 19:17:40 GMT

Hi Bill

> When using the auto CQ function and answering a call the
> first key stroke stopped the CQ, put the cursor in the call
> window but, did not enter that letter. The result was 6TR in
> the call window instead of N6TR. I finally had to reload the
> previous version to continue the Russian contest. I
> duplicated this problem on another computer after the
> contest.

Ah so I'm not going mad! That's exactly it, perhaps others were 
not using the AUTO CQ? That's why it didn't happen all the time, 
i.e. didn't happen after the first QSO in a run.





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