[TRLog] SBDVP/MSDOS question

Larry Menzel retire@rconnect.com
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 11:40:06 -0600


Maybe one of you guys who remembers DOS commands can help.

I'm trying to get my sound card to record with SBDVP.

1.  I'm using a Sound Blaster clone ISA card.
2.  SO2R Master from Array Solutions works fine,  TR works fine with both 
radios in CW
mode....having this problem with SSB.  Have another problem in that SO2R 
won't drive
my ICOM 746 in SSB.
3.  TR sees the SBDVP command structure, and F1 plays the dead air...i.e. 
no .dvp data
in the files that ARE being written into my current directory.
4.  I have SBDVP subdirectory on my PATH command, and it loads and unloads 
5.  My microphone records perfectly in WINDOWS Sound record...and plays 
back fine too.
Per a tip from another user, I'm running TR for SSB as a DOS window in 
Win95.  Sound recorder
works fine as I said, but if I go to the DOS window the sound card won't 
record, nor, if I go back
to Windows with an ALT-Tab, does the Window sound recorder.
6.  The canned F10 message..."everything working" plays when I have DVP 
enabled in TR

So...do I have an IRQ conflict with Windows and TR in a DOS window?
I can run TR in DOS, after quitting Windows, and the SBDVP doesn't record 
there either.

Frustrated, as you might guess.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Larry N0XB

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