[TRLog] How do I program DVP messages?

Mark Bailey kd4d@Radix.Net
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 13:49:06 -0500 (EST)

Hello, All:

I have read the TR Manual about how to program DVP messages.  I don't
quite understand it, and I won't actually have a DVP to play with
until Friday, the day before SSB Sweepstakes.

Here is an excerpt from the manual, interposed with my questions.

>To program the voice messages, put yourself in the SSB mode and 
>press ALT-P. The function key and other messages will be shown 
>with default DVP file names. 

Great.  This even works without a DVP installed!

>You can select the file you want to edit by pressing the
>appropriate key, then by using ALT-W to write to the file,

Not Great.  How does this work?  Does recording start when I
hit the appropriate key?  Do I terminate recording with ALT-W
or ESC or something else?  If I don't terminate with ALT-W, when
do I press it to write to the file.

>and ALT-R to review the contents of the memory. [...]

OK, this plays it back without keying the rig.  I understood
that.  So, it sounds like I don't start recording with pressing the key,
since I have to select the memory before playback?!?!?
>There is a short cut to program either the CQ or Exchange function 
>key memories F1 to F10. You can program these by pressing CTRL-F1
>to CTRL-F10 and then ESC to stop recording. If you press your 
>footswitch down while recording, your message will also be transmitted.
OK, this sounds "just like CT." :-)  Do I select whether I'm
programming a CQ or Exchange function key memory by whether I'm
in CQ or S&P mode, or what?  Or are those memories seperate,
so that there are only ten messages available?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Mark, KD4D

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